30-09-2013 Rabo Participaties, Sniper Investments and Rabobank facilitate Divitel’s growth ambitions

Rabo Participaties, Sniper Investments and Rabobank facilitate Divitel’s growth ambitions

30 September 2013. Rabo Participaties, one of the specialised business units of Rabo Private Equity, has acquired a participating interest in Divitel, along with the Belgian growth capital fund Sniper Investments. The investment will be used for growth and for the buyout of PPM Oost, which has facilitated growth in recent years. The transaction was recently completed.


Divitel enables digital, interactive television in the Netherlands and abroad. In addition to its headquarters in Apeldoorn, this international knowledge company has branches in Germany, Portugal and Curacao. Divitel serves B2B customers in the professional broadcasting segment, such as cable companies, internet providers and radio and television stations.

Hans Kornmann, Managing Director/Owner of Divitel: “RaPar and Sniper’s participating interest fits in well with our national and international growth. We’re an ambitious company and growth demands partners that will help to realise the ambitions of the Divitel team. It’s a great match!”


RaPar is the fund of Rabobank that invests in minority interests in healthy Dutch companies. One of its aims is to facilitate further growth. RaPar was introduced to Divitel by house banker Rabobank Apeldoorn, which also recently made additional funds available to finance growth.
Mirjam Terhorst, Director of RaPar: “We’re delighted with the investment in this fine, fast-growing company in a sector that is undergoing a consumer-driven revolution at the moment. This is resulting in a lot of opportunities for Divitel and we’re looking forward to successful collaboration between Divitel, co-investor Sniper and Rabobank.”

Sniper Investments

Bart Luyten, Managing Director of Sniper Investments adds: “In our opinion, as an established, independent and internationally active party with an ambitious team, considerable technological know-how and knowledge of the market, Divitel is perfectly positioned to take advantage of the many opportunities offered today in the rapidly changing market for digital media applications. That’s why we’re delighted to be able to assist the company and team in its next phase of growth.”
Sniper Investments is an open-ended investment fund that focuses on transactions with strong potential for value creation in primarily ‘Smart Tech’ companies (in which technology brings added value) and companies in the more classical sectors (in which there are opportunities for buy & build). The fund invests in the growth of private companies with a long-term vision.

Technology Venture Partners facilitated this transaction.

source Divitel

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